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More Than Just Great Design - 5 Key Elements of Brand Identity

Posted by Sarah, 05 Apr 2016

You may have noticed that the Dial 9 Communications brand is experiencing a bit of an overhaul at the moment. Out has gone the bright red of the website and the cool blue of our telephone system interface and in comes the smooth purple across all platforms. This is part of a ongoing initiative to develop, enhance and grow the Dial 9 brand.

When considering the elements that constitute your brand it is easy to get hung up on the obvious aspects like logos, colours, fonts. However, this barely scratches the surface. Take a look below at what we believe are the five most important elements of brand identity.

1. Imagery

Let’s start with the obvious. Brand imagery, including logos, fonts, colour, graphics and images. Consistent imagery shows professionalism, a clear identity and allows immediate recognition but also sets expectations.


For example, a well designed logo can portray not only what a company does (e.g. Dial 9’s logo contains a speech bubble - representing communication) but also their approach to doing business.

2. Content

Great branding should strive for both style and substance, so it is worth taking the time to create truly great content. This should be engaging, accessible and above all - relevant to the audience.


Consider beyond your website and literature to social media, newsletters, PR, blogs and even everyday email exchanges. It is also important to keep an eye on what others are saying about you, whether it’s formal editorial, product reviews or a casual comment on social media.

3. People

Often overlooked is the impact your team has on your brand identity, particularly those who interact directly with customers. Most people can remember a negative experience that has damaged their perception of the brand - perhaps a rude waiter or a sales rep that was a little too eager.


If your customer experience is important to you, ensure that those you employ will uphold our commitment to the highest standards of customer service and support.

4. Product

In most cases, satisfying customers with quality products is the whole purpose of your company, so should be the top priority for brand management. Consider your product offering as the product that the customer interacts with in its entirety. If your product is a physical item this should encompass the point of sale, packaging, the set up and lifetime operation.


If your product is a service or web based solution, such as Dial 9’s telephone system, you may have fewer opportunities to interact with your customers. Therefore, the process for sign up and set up must be clear and simple ensuring a positive experience of your brand is maintained.

5. Customers

Your customer’s expectations and perceptions of your brand is actually in large part beyond your control, and will be determined by their own identity. This encompasses many factors, from demographics (age, gender), level of previous knowledge and experience of your industry.


However, you can choose your target audience. So ask yourself, is your customer base receptive to the brand identity you are portraying? Are you targeting the right potential customers for you in the first place?

Here at Dial 9 Communications, our brand is important to us. That’s why we’re constantly looking at the five elements that contribute to your experience of the Dial 9 brand and beyond to see how we can make improvements.

To find out more about Dial 9 and to join us on our journey, keep an eye on our website, blog and social media pages using the links below.


Posted by Sarah on Tue 6th April 2016

I’m Sarah, the Marketing Manager. I’m responsible for managing our brand, our marketing and promotional activities and generating new customer leads by showing the world the awesome work the team are doing here. Away from the office you can normally find me in the gym or walking my labrador retriever.