Our New API

Posted by Adam, 04 Oct 2015

For those of you that are developers (especially our Codebase and Deploy customers that use Dial 9), you'll be pleased to know we have now deployed our new Dial 9 API!

We have a large list of methods available, including:

  • Adding, updating and deleting address contacts
  • Viewing Call Groups
  • Viewing Call Logs
  • Downloading / deleting recordings
  • Viewing Call Queues
  • Viewing Conference Rooms
  • Adding or updating extensions
  • Viewing virtual Fax Machines
  • Viewing Follow Mes
  • Viewing IVR Menus
  • Adding/Purchasing and configuring numbers, as well as updating subscriber information
  • Viewing Pickup groups
  • Viewing and activating presets
  • Listing unit information (for wholesale customers)
  • Viewing uploaded music/audio files

Our full API docs can be found via our API Documentation.

To authenticate, you'll just need to send "X-Auth-Username" and "X-Auth-Password" headers along with your request, using your normal Dial 9 account authentication.

You'll see in the below example a simple call and response when requesting a list of active calls using the appropriate API method:

The Request:

curl -H "X-Auth-Username: joebloggs" -H "X-Auth-Password: xxxyyyzzzz"

The Response:


As always, please let us know if you have any questions, either by email to, or by phone to 01202 912444.


Posted by Adam on Sun 5th October 2015

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