Become a VoIP reseller today

Our reseller service is a great way to make money by complementing your existing offering with our first class phone system & VoIP services. We provide everything you need to get started and it couldn't be easier.

We've answered as many useful questions as we can think of below.

If you don't see the answer you need, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Can I just refer customers to you and let you handle all the billing & support?
With our reseller programme, you will be responsible for handling the first line support and billing your customers each month. If you'd just like to refer people to us, you may like to check out our referral programme.
What assistance can you provide with billing my customers each month?
Our platform can provide you with a breakdown of costs for your customers each month which you can simply then transfer into your existing invoice system. You can also download a breakdown of all costs incurred during the period which can be provided directly to your customers. We're happy to work with resellers to help them integrate with their existing platforms when needed.
Can I set up new phone systems for my customers myself?
Of course - you'll be able to provision new systems whenever you want through your portal.
Can I set my own pricing for my customers?
Certainly - you'll be given access to set up and create your own price plans which will determine how much will be charged to your units.