A natural extension - Cloud Artisans and Dial 9 Case Study

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Cloud Artisans is a consultancy led digital and engagement agency who partners with companies to implement everything they need to build and maintain an online presence from websites to communications.

They work with individuals and organisations who focus on sustainable and inclusive projects and are always looking for new solutions that might benefit their clients.

The Challenge

When Cloud Artisans were looking at how they could support their clients’ communication needs it became apparent they really needed a cloud-based communication system.

That meant they needed to find a trusted provider to work with. Having taken a look at the range of providers available through business networks and online, none truly fit the bill until they talked to Dial 9.

“We were looking for a cloud based communication system as it’s a natural extension to our suite of infrastructure services to support clients to operate in the digital world - including hosting, emails and domains. It provides us with an added value product which supports our small organisation clients to access features usually associated with bigger enterprises. Dial 9 were able to offer us that.”

The Approach

As Cloud Artisans were already using Dial 9 for their own communication needs they knew the high quality and level of responsive support they’d receive. The team at Cloud Artisan is small with extensive experience and, like Dial 9, they provide a personalised approach to their clients. This shared way of working and value on customer care and satisfaction was another point of attraction for Dial 9. When combined with Dial 9’s reasonable pricing it created an affordable yet appropriate product to offer their clients.

Having Dial 9 on hand to support porting telephone numbers and other queries the team might have allowed Cloud Artisans to focus on providing a great level of customer service.

Cloud Artisans white label Dial 9’s products to their clients to keep things simple. By being able to offer their clients Dial 9’s feature-rich platform under their own branding, it empowers Cloud Artisan to provide more services that their clients are demanding without the pressure of developing the technology themselves.

“Having a white-labelled solution helps us to keep things simple for our clients. However, we don’t shy away from sharing who our partner is as they can always google to see the great features and reputation of Dial9; and promote use of the Dial9 Anywhere app.”

The Impact

Being able to offer their clients cloud based communications has enabled their businesses to grow and adapt, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic where staff could literally pick up their phones and take them home. Fast-forwarding to today, Dial 9’s cloud technology allows Cloud Artisan’s customers to keep in touch wherever in the world they're working, promoting a better work/life balance.

For Cloud Artisans it’s given them a value added offering for their clients that’s normally available to bigger enterprises, establishing them as their clients first port of call for any digital support. By adding this service they’ve gained the benefit of perceived positive support and opportunities by their clients. As a natural extension to their current suite of services it’s an area of the business they've been working on continuously developing and promoting to provide the best service to their customers they can.

Working with a trusted supplier like Dial 9 who prioritise client support and quality, has given Cloud Artisans the confidence to trial a new service that’s proved highly popular.

A little bit about the author

Hey there, I'm Anastasia! My passion is marketing. I'm all about finding creative ways to tell our story and connect with our audiences. I'm hoping our blog will simplify your journey for the perfect cloud communications system!

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