A smooth transition - Convenus LLP and Dial 9 Case Study

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An established conference and event provider, Convenus LLP is focused on providing end-to-end support from speaker management and venue selection to event website design and maintenance. Throughout all their planning they deliver cost effective and innovative solutions to meet every client’s needs.

A pinch of creativity and a wealth of experience means they’re the experts at what they do, but due to the live nature of the event industry it also means they need to stay in constant contact with their clients and their suppliers and require a communications system that’s adaptable and reliable.

The Challenge

Convenus aren’t new to VoIP, it’s been their main communications system for around 10 years. With its integrated communications and ease of use both in the office and on the go, VoIP was firmly embedded in their way of working. But when their current supplier was bought out, they decided it was time to look at the VoIP market for a new provider.

Their existing provider was a large company, so Convenus often felt they were missing out on a more personalised service, something which is too common with small businesses. They set out to find “a provider that considered customers and offered a first-class support service.”

The Approach

Convenus came across Dial 9 based on their good reviews, dedication to customer satisfaction and support along with the personalised service on offer. Dial 9’s service was ticking the boxes of what they were looking for, so they decided to make a switch.

From when they decided to go with Dial 9 the transition was quick and easy. The same day set up was done via online chat, guided by Dial 9’s technical team every step of the way and everything was immediately installed on all of their devices ready to use straight away. This made the switch smooth and effortless.

The Impact

Through the smooth transition Convenus were made to feel valued and supported by Dial 9. The robust and feature-rich technology provided them with a great technical solution but they also knew there were talented people who genuinely cared at the end of the phone if they needed them.

Convenus' move was prompted by a desire for better customer support, and Dial 9 fulfilled this need for them, starting with an easy transition, guiding them every step of the way, and providing UK-based ad hoc support if needed. This personalised approach suited Convenus' needs and priorities and was 100% the right decision for the business.

Find out more about Dial 9 Business Phone solutions here.

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