Announce queue position & wait time

New Features

If you're taking lots of calls and are therefore using a Call Queue, you'll be pleased to know we've recently introduced some new features that will help improve the callers experience if they are in your queue.

Call Position and Hold-Time Announcements

You can now select the options in your queue for a caller to hear their current position in the queue, and an estimate of how long they will remain on hold before their call is answered.

Simply navigate to your Call Queues page in Dial 9, and click your call queue to edit it:

Position and Hold Time

For position announcement the options are simply "Yes" or "No", and for hold-time announcement "Yes", "No" or "Once".

Finally, you'll want to enter a frequency for how often you want the caller to be given their queue position and/or hold time.

Announcement Frequency

As always, if you would like help adding these enhancements or setting up a new queue, or if you have any other questions, please get in touch with us either via email to, or by phone to 01202 912444.

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