Bypass your standard call routing for specific callers

New Features

Recently we've introduced a useful feature in Dial 9 - Caller ID routing - which allows you to set up specific destinations in your account for specific callers, based on the number they're calling from. This might be useful in cases such as where a regular supplier might call but you want to direct them to specific members of staff, rather than require the supplier to go through a menu or speak to a receptionist first.

Setting up a route is very simple, just head to your Caller ID routing page under Call routing, then click Create new caller ID route:

New incoming call route

Add the caller's number, then choose a specific destination to route all calls from them to, clicking Save to finish.

This feature is a replacement for Blocked Callers, which was used for preventing unwanted callers from reaching you entirely. You can still do that, just add an incoming call route but with no destination to block that particular caller. If you'd previously used that feature and added blocked numbers, you'll find them within Caller ID routing as well.

If you have any questions about this feature, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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