Voicemail enhancements, new IVR menu features & more

New Features

To us, there is no greater source of inspiration than you - our customer. That's why our product development is driven by your suggestions, comments and features requests. Recently our team have been hard at work adding a number of new features to the Dial 9 telephone system, most of which have been requested by our users. We'll be outlining each of them for you in this post, including links to appropriate documentation that will help you make the most of them.

Voicemail box enhancements

We've added a new feature to your voicemail boxes in Dial 9 - the ability to set a maximum message time on a Voicemail box to ensure messages left aren't too lengthy. Just head to any voicemail box in your management interface, and add a Maximum message length at the bottom of it's settings.

You'll find more information about Voicemail boxes in our documentation.

IVR Menus

One feature that has been requested by a number of users is the ability to set a fallback option for a menu if no option is selected, as well as a number of times the menu can be looped and the time to wait between repeats.

A typical phone system menu might contain an explanation "Continue to hold and you'll be passed to a member of our team" - these new features will help you to achieve that and ensure your customers' experience is as smooth as possible.

Head to any IVR menu in your platform, and choose the options at the bottom of the menu for Number of repeats, Time between repeats and No selection action.

You can find out more about IVR menus in our documentation.

Caller ID Codes

We've recently introduced a Caller ID Code feature that allows you to assign a unique shortcode to one of your incoming numbers, then prefix a dialled number with that code, allowing you to choose the caller ID when calling your customers. This is particularly useful if you have multiple products and multiple incoming numbers, so that you can choose your outbound ID on a per-call basis.

Head to an incoming number in your account, then enter a Caller ID code. Once you've updated the number, you'll find the shortcode to use in your Access Numbers.

We have more information about setting a Caller ID Code in our documentation.

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