Introducing Dial 9 Connect

Launches and New Features

Dial 9 Connect is our brand new cloud phone system management portal and we're really excited to open it up as a beta from today. The biggest thing you'll notice about this is our fresh new look - a new colour scheme, easier navigation and a more streamlined set of tools for managing all aspects of your phone system.

ScreenshotA few screenshots from our new platform

While the new look is the most obvious change, we've also made a number of other changes, most notably to call logging. Here's just a few things you'll notice about call logs:

  • The list of your calls is easier to read and pulls in as much information as we have about a call to make it more meaningful.

  • You can click through into a call to view more information including detailed information about how the call progressed through the phone system itself.

  • There's a new audio player for listening to call recordings which is far easier to use than previously.

  • When you login, you'll be able to see statistics about how your phone system has been used in the previous couple of months. This shows you useful things like the top call answerer, average call duration and more.

  • We've improved the process for buying & finding new phone numbers for your account - whether you just need a local number or whether you need something more national like an 03.

ScreenshotSome screenshots of our new call logging

How can I get my hands on this?

You can start using Dial 9 Connect straight away by simply logging into your account as normal and clicking the green Try it now button that will be shown in the top right of the old management portal.

We'll be making this live for all customers and removing the old system in the coming weeks but we'll send everyone an email before this time to let them know what's happening.

What's next?

This is only the start. We have a number of features planned for the next few months which will all be added into the new Dial 9 Connect platform.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, we'd love to hear them so please let us know any feedback you have by either jumping onto a live chat or dropping us an email.

A little bit about the author

Adam is the Head of Software at Krystal. Adam looks after our software engineering team by day and, when not doing that, enjoys hobbies including LEGO, collecting playing cards, building mechanical keyboards and home automation.

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