Get to know the Dial 9 API

New Features and Tips & Tricks

For those of you that are developers (especially our Codebase and Deploy customers that use Dial 9), you'll be pleased to know we have now deployed our new Dial 9 API!

We have a large list of methods available, including:

  • Adding, updating and deleting address contacts
  • Viewing Call Groups
  • Viewing Call Logs
  • Downloading / deleting recordings
  • Viewing Call Queues
  • Viewing Conference Rooms
  • Adding or updating extensions
  • Viewing virtual Fax Machines
  • Viewing Follow Mes
  • Viewing IVR Menus
  • Adding/Purchasing and configuring numbers, as well as updating subscriber information
  • Viewing Pickup groups
  • Viewing and activating presets
  • Listing unit information (for wholesale customers)
  • Viewing uploaded music/audio files

Our full API docs can be found via our API Documentation.

To authenticate, you'll just need to send X-Auth-Username and X-Auth-Password headers along with your request, using your normal Dial 9 account authentication.

You'll see in the below example a simple call and response when requesting a list of active calls using the appropriate API method:

The Request

$ curl \
    -H "X-Auth-Username: joebloggs" \
    -H "X-Auth-Password: xxxyyyzzzz"

The Response


As always, please let us know if you have any questions, either by email to, or by phone to 01202 912444.

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