Using a headset with your VoIP device

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When making and receiving lots of calls, it can be more comfortable to use a headset. There are a variety of options available for users, depending on the nature of the device that you're using for your calls.

We'll explore some options and look at important aspects to consider when making your choice.

Softphone headsets

If you're using a softphone client such as Zoiper or Linphone on a computer, you should be able to pretty much use any USB compatible headset, if you're happy to use a wired option, making it arguably the most straightforward option when it comes to checking compatibility.

Otherwise, there are a number of wireless options that more mobile users, such as those with a laptop, might want to consider. A standard Bluetooth device such as a pair of AirPods may suffice in some cases, however you should always be wary of background noise when it comes to taking calls, and the device's range.

Battery life, and ease of charging should also be considered if you're intending to use the headset for a full day.

An alternative option could be a device such as the Yealink WH range, which are a series of headsets that use a charging dock, USB connection to both a physical phone and a computer to allow seamless switching between the two devices if you use a combination of telephone calls and meetings, and a DECT connection to the headset. DECT as a dedicated wireless protocol for voice, provides excellent range.

A good example of this is the Yealink WH62, dual ear headset. The WH62 provides sufficient battery life for at least 1 full working day of talk time.

Physical phone headsets

Physical phones will always provide a good series of options too, but you'll need to be mindful of the connections that your particular model has available. A lot of older phones will use an RJ11 connection which will work with a lot of headsets, such as the Yealink YHS34, but not all features may work out the box.

For example, some devices may require a hook switch adapter to ensure that the phone is correctly taken off the hook when a call is answered. It's also possible an older device may require updated firmware. Newer devices that use a USB connection should not require any adapters, but it's recommended that you check the data sheet for your phone and the headset you're considering to ensure full compatibility.

Mobile headsets

Similarly to softphones, you should find most standard headsets will work with your mobile device. As a lot of mobile devices now opt to not provide a wired socket (i.e. a 3.5 mm jack), you may need to look for a wireless or Bluetooth device.

Again, something like a pair of AirPods may be sufficient for your usage.

We have a number of headsets in our store, across wired and wireless ranges, that should be able to fit most use cases. If you have any questions about the best headset to use, or require any advice in terms of compatibility, please get in touch with the team.

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