How to choose your next VoIP provider

With thousands to choose from, how do you select your ideal phone provider?

What should you be looking for?

With thousands of companies to choose from, selecting a VoIP provider can be a daunting task. There are lots of factors to consider and we’ve listed the key things you should be looking at when trying to choose your next partner.

  • Level of support

    Your phone calls are likely an integral part of your business and it’s important that your phone provider is able help you ensure you’re getting the most from your system and is there when you need any help.

    We’re committed to customer support and we hope you’ll see this from the moment you start working with us. You can call us, email us or chat with us online.

  • Minimum terms

    Many companies will tie you into minimum terms of 12 months. This means that, even if you’re unhappy with the service, you’re stuck with the company until the end of the year. This can be frustrating and expensive when making & receiving calls is vital to your business.

    Most of our products don’t have any minimum terms. We’re confident you’ll be happy with our service and will stick with us for many years without being tied into a contract.

  • Quality of service

    With any VoIP service, it’s important to ensure that the quality of your calls is as good as possible. Dropped calls or poor audio quality can be a real problem and, even when the issue is outside of the provider’s control, can be mitigated against.

    We constantly monitor the quality of our service to ensure that calls are crystal clear and that any potential issues are flagged as quickly as possible. We run our own autonomous network and connect directly to many ISPs to ensure the best connection for your calls.

  • Full control

    Depending on the service provider, you may be provided with a web interface to allow you to manage your phone system and view call logs. The quality of these systems varies hugely between providers and some don’t provide them at all and require all changes be made by e-mail or by calling their support team.

    We’ve developed our own in-house platform that provides you with full control of your phone system 24/7. You can login at any time to make changes or view your call logs. Our call logging system is one of the best available and includes detailed information about how calls flow through your system.

  • Track record

    VoIP is quite an easy industries for newcomers to enter and get up and running quickly. There are out of the box solutions that can essentially allow anyone to start their own VoIP company in minutes. It’s usually best to stick with companies that have a proven track record and have become well established in the industry.

    We were established in 2011 and have been working in the VoIP industry since then. We’re involved with industry forums and members of Comms Council UK. Not only that, we’ve developed our own VoIP platform so our team are familiar with the ins and outs of every solution and aren’t simply reselling the services of another company.

  • UK Company

    Sticking with a local company can be hugely beneficial in terms of, not only, obtaining support but also with things like call quality and how invoices are produced.

    Dial 9 is a UK company with all our servers & infrastructure located in the UK too which means you’ll have the minimum possible latency on your calls. You can speak to our UK-based support team on the phone in a matter of seconds. All our invoices are sent out automatically and are fully VAT compliant to help with your accounting.

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