Call Forwarding

If you’re not ready for a full phone system yet, we can simply set up a new number for your business and forward the calls to your existing landline or mobile. If you don’t want a new number, we can also migrate your number from your existing provider and forward that.


You can forward calls to any UK landline or mobile number. If you have more than 2,000 minutes, just give us a call to discuss.


Top Tip! Our call forwarding service is ideal if you’re looking to grow and want a phone number in other area codes (perhaps London or other big cities) or national 03 or 08 numbers. All call forwarding packages include one phone number from whatever area code you choose.

Up to 500 minutes
£5 /month
Up to 1000 minutes
£10 /month
Up to 2000 minutes
£18 /month