Useful numbers to reach global services in Dial 9

New Features and Tips & Tricks

As you may already be aware, we have a number of Useful Numbers in the Dial 9 platform that a connected device can dial to use certain features, for example dialling *55 to access voicemail.

These useful numbers can be accessed at any time within Dial 9 Connect, via your Numbers area.

New useful numbers

Starting today, we've now added some additional useful numbers, which are:

  • *1 - dial this during a call to pause call recording (if enabled)
  • *3 - dial this during a call where call recording has been previously paused, to enable it.
  • 141- prefix this to the number you're dialling in an outbound call, to withhold your own number (CLI).
  • 1471 - dial this to hear the last number that called you
  • 1470 - if you have CLI withholding enabled on your account by default, prefix this to the number you're dialling in an outbound call to send your own number.

In particular, you might find *1 and *3 useful if you're normally recording calls but wish to prevent certain information from being recorded during a particular call, such as when taking a card payment.

You can also find a list of useful numbers including those that we've added today in our documentation.

If you have any questions about these features, or any other aspect of Dial 9, just drop us an email .

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