Why not become a Dial 9 champion today?

If you’re a fan of Dial 9, why not refer everyone you know and earn points towards some pretty unique gifts & prizes.

Word of mouth and personal recommendation are what has got us where we are today as we do very little marketing. That’s why we want to reward anyone who refers their friends and colleagues to Dial 9. It’s really easy to get started and you’ll be given your own URL that you can give to anyone you want to refer to us.

How does our VoIP referral programme work?

For each customer you refer, you’ll receive 5 points

Your points can then be exchanged for any of these fantastic items

  • 5 points

    The Dial 9 Coffee Pack

    Including mug, coffee & biscuits.

  • 10 points

    £15 gift card

    A gift card from Amazon.co.uk

  • 25 points

    Meal out for 2

    A voucher £50 dining gift card

  • 50 points

    An Amazon Echo

    …or another similar electronic device

  • 100 points

    A hot air balloon flight

    …or another similar experience

As you can see, the more customers you recommend, the better the rewards become. To get started, just login to your Dial 9 account, grab your referral code and send it over to anyone who might benefit from our services.

A few frequently asked questions

How long will it take to receive a reward?
Once you’ve redeemed your reward, we’ll get your order processed as quickly as possible – usually within a week or so. You’ll need to have earned enough points before you get in touch.
When will my points be added to my account?
When you refer someone, we’ll add your points to your account as soon as they pay their first invoice from us. This is usually a month after they’ve signed up. This will happen automatically.
Can I just refer myself?
No, we’re afraid not. You need to refer new people to us to receive points.
Is there any cash alternative to the rewards?
No, there is no cash alternative to any of the prizes but you could just use your points to get Amazon gift cards and buy what you want from there.
I’m scared of height and a balloon right terrifies me!
That’s fine – we can find you something else or you can just use your points to get other rewards from lower down the list.
How do I get started?
Just login to our portal and choose the “Referrals” link in the top right. You can send this to your friends and colleagues and we’ll automatically credit you with your points when they sign up.

Fancy joining our referral programme?

Join the referral programme today through our portal

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