Audio files

Within the Audio files area of Dial 9, you can manage both music on hold, any audio files that are used in various parts of the system, such as the initial greeting in a menu that explains to the caller what options they can press on their keypad.

Music on Hold

When you first via the Audio files page, you'll see a Music on hold section, containing any music on hold files you've previously uploaded to your phone system:

Music on hold

Each file can be listened to in your browser, downloaded, or removed. If you want to upload a new music on hold file, just browse for any MP3 file on your computer, or drag-and-drop the file into the drop box above your list of tracks. It's recommended that you only have one music on hold track on your phone system at a time, so if you wish to change it, simply remove the old track when uploading the new one.

Once you've uploaded your track, it will be played in scenarios where the caller is on hold, such as when placed on hold directly by an operator, or if they're waiting in a queue.

Voice recordings

In the Voice recordings tab, you'll be able to upload as many audio files as you like, to then be used throughout your phone system. When you first visit this area, you'll see a list of existing voice recordings:

Voice recordings

You can review your recordings here - play them, download them or delete them as appropriate, then upload new files by browsing for the appropriate MP3 file on your computer, or via a drag-and-drop into the drop box above your list of recordings.

Once you've uploaded a file, you can select it in the appropriate area in your phone system.