Dial 9 Anywhere

Installation and setup

With Dial 9 Anywhere, you can connect to an extension in your Dial 9 from your Android or iOS device to make and receive calls, taking advantage of the same level of functionality that you'd gain from using a desk phone connected to the service. To start using the app, just head to the Play Store or Apple app store to download it.

Once you've downloaded and installed the app, you can login with your Extension username and password.

Using the phone

When you login, you'll be presented 4 with tabs, from left to right, each either own set of functionality.

Dial 9 Phone


As well as the tabular options at the bottom of the screen, you can also access a number of useful settings via the hamburger icon to the top right. You'll see a Settings option to access your settings, then Logout to immediately logout of your account and disconnect the device from Dial 9. Tapping settings will present the following list of options:

Dial 9 Phone - settings

Under General you can toggle Do Not Disturb to prevent the device from receiving incoming calls, and Display Extension Details to show your extension name and number at the top of the screen when in the main app.

If at any time, we have requested that you provide some diagnostic data from the app, you can enable Logging and tap Send Data which will load a new email with some logs than can be emailed directly to our support team.