When you tap the Contacts tab in Dial 9 Phone, you'll be presented initially with a list of extensions in your account.

Dial 9 Phone - extensions

Alongside each extension an automatically configured busy lamp field (BLF) status will display, in the form of one of the following:

  • Available - The extension is connected to Dial 9 and available
  • Engaged - The extension is currently on a call
  • Offline - The extension isn't currently connected to Dial 9
  • Ringing - The extension is currently ringing

Tapping on an extension will present a dialog where you can either copy the extension number to your clipboard, or place a call to it.

Dial 9 Phone - extensions dialog

Pressing the Contacts tab at the top of the screen will present a list of currently configured contacts from your Dial 9 address book. You can type part of a contact's name in the Search bar at the top to narrow down the list as well.

Dial 9 Phone - contacts

Tapping on a contact will present the same dialog as for the extension, where you can copy the number or call it.

Dial 9 Phone - contacts dialog