Becoming a Dial 9 Partner

The best way to learn more about becoming a Dial 9 Partner is to schedule a demo with one of our team. We’ll show you around the platform, talk about pricing and set you up with a demo phone system to use afterwards.

The process for signing up is shown below. It’s very simple and usually takes less than 48 hours. To get the ball rolling, just speak with your account manager who will take care of it.

Schedule a demo


  • Schedule a demo with one of our team

    We’ll show you around the platform, talk to you about pricing and set you up with an example phone system that you can use after the demo in your own time.

    Schedule a demo

  • If you like what you see in our demo, you can continue to become a Dial 9 Partner otherwise there’s no obligation to continue, just let us know.

  • Give us your company details

    You’ll need to give us a few details about your company - name, address etc.. as well as a list of people who are authorised to access the account on your behalf.

  • Review and sign our terms & conditions

    Next you’ll need to take a moment to review our terms & conditions and then sign and return them to us. You can scan & e-mail or put them in the post.

  • Configure your DNS

    If you want to keep everything white-labelled, you’ll need to configure some DNS entries for things like your web portal & SIP service.

  • Top up your account

    You’ll need to top up your account before you can provision your first customer. You’ll be able to find the details in your portal.

  • Provision your first phone system

    You’ll now be able to login to our platform and provision your own phone systems and set up any additional configuration you need.