Several screenshots of our powerful VoIP phone platform — Dial 9 Connect

Our innovative VoIP phone platform — Dial 9 Connect

Feature-rich. Simple. Friendly.

Our in-house developed platform allows you to provision bespoke phone systems for your customers in a matter of minutes. You can get a new customer up and running in les than 5 minutes. It has all the features you’d expect from an enterprise-grade PBX, presented to you and your customers in an easy to use, friendly & sophisticated web interface.

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  • We can set you up with your own free demo phone system so you can have a play with our system.


  • Extensions

    Allow your customers to scale seamlessly from a single phone to hundreds of extensions with support for a huge range of SIP devices.

  • Standard & Premium numbers

    Offer a wide variety of numbers including local numbers anywhere in the UK. Add personalization and memorability with premium numbers.

  • Detailed call logs & analytics

    Live access to detailed call logs including overall statistics and precise details about how every call is handled.

  • Call queueing

    Call queues & groups allow your customers to easily handle multiple incoming calls at the same time. Place callers into a queue and answer them in the order they arrived.

  • Menus & auto attendants

    Knowing exactly why someone is calling before answering can be very useful. With our IVR menu feature your customers can ask callers to choose options from a menu.

  • Voicemail

    Our voicemail boxes are highly versatile and can be configured either alongside extensions or independently. Customers can receive messages by e-mail, through our website or on their phones.

  • Out of hours routing

    Time-based routing allows your customers to change what happens to incoming calls based on the time of day. For example, calls can easily be routed directly to voicemail outside office hours.

  • Text-to-speech greetings

    Our new text-to-speech tools allow your customers to write scripts and hear their words instantly synthesized into natural-sounding speech by our WaveNet-powered algorithms.

  • Fax-to-email

    For some reason, some people still insist on using fax. Our fax-to-email service allows customers to continue to receive faxes without the hassle of unreliable hardware.

  • Advanced call routing tools

    We have a range of tools to help route your customers' calls more efficiently. As well as time-based-routing, customers can use the caller’s number to choose a destination or quickly activate presets.

  • Meeting/conference rooms

    Our conferencing features allow your customers to set up both external and private PIN-protected conference rooms, where callers can dial in and collaborate.

  • Address books & contacts

    Our shared address books allow your customers quick access common phone numbers as well as allowing them to instantly see the name of incoming callers.

  • Developer APIs

    Most management tasks from provisioning through to billing can be integrated with your own systems using our powerful JSON based APIs.

  • Fraud prevention

    Protect your customers and yourself from fraud by implementing flexible limits on call rates customer credit limits, and daily expenditure.

  • Call recording

    Allow customers to automatically record their calls, and securely store the recordings, allowing easy playback of calls linked with their call logs.

We’re constantly enhancing the platform with new features & tools being introduced on a regular basis. As a partner, you can make suggestions for improvements which we will always consider carefully and look at introducing.

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