Why partner with us?

We’ve been innovating in the VoIP industry for many years and we pride ourselves on providing a platform that allows partners to offer a powerful, easy to use and reliable platform to their customers.

On this page you’ll find a few of the key reasons that our partners love working with us on a daily basis. We’re sure you’ll find the same as soon as you’re up and running.

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    Our own in-house developed platform

    We’ve developed our platform to serve the needs of our users & partners so can respond quickly to feature requests. Our development team is based in the UK and dedicated to working on the platform to ensure it remains fast, reliable & secure.

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    Built-in tools for invoicing & billing

    We’ve developed a range of tools to allow you to get started as quickly as possible. We can handle creating your invoices and, using our integration with Stripe, taking payments from your customers on your behalf.

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    Flexible pricing models for your customers

    As a partner you can design your own price plans to suit your own business models. Your price plans can then easily be assigned to customers when needed. You have full control to set resource pricing, call costs, call bundles as well as adding discounts when needed.

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    We understand it’s important to you that your customers see your brand as much as possible. You can customise the our web interface with your own logos as well as setting hostnames, e-mail addresses and phone numbers to suit your brand.

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    Our UK-based support team

    While you’ll be responsible for first line support with your customers, you can always contact our team for assistance and we’ll be happy to help. If you are struggling to resolve an complex issue, we’re happy to step and discuss issues directly with your customer on your behalf.

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    Our partner handbook

    We’ve written a comprehensive guide for partners which explains all aspects of the service allows you to easily take full advantage of all the tools & features available. It also includes useful information to help you when supporting your customers and handling marketing activities.

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