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For any size of office, we have phones to fit.

  • Choose your own local or national phone numbers
  • Add unlimited calls for just £9.99/month
  • Take your calls on the go with our Dial 9 Anywhere app
  • Access to advanced business phone system features
  • Unrivalled UK-based support

Upgrade to a professional phone system for your whole team.

It's easy to get started and our friendly team will be with you all the way.

Take full advantage of the latest technology

By using the latest VoIP technology and high speed internet connectivity, we are able to provide all the functionality of a corporate PBX without the corporate price tag.

Spend more on coffee and less on phone calls

Making a lot of calls can quickly see your phone bill add up. As well as having unbeatable call costs, even to mobiles and international destinations, Dial 9 offers unlimited calling plans to keep bills predictable.

Packed with features, easy to use

Whether you need automated menus, call queues, voicemail, or time-based routing of your calls, Dial 9 makes it easy to get started with a wealth of functinality.

Choose from local and national numbers for all your phones

If you want a local presence, why not choose some local phone numbers, or increase your reach with national numbers. Plus if you already have a phone number, you can bring it with you.

No need for engineer visits or complicated installation

We think waiting for engineers, drilling holes and running wires can quickly turn a new phone system into a big project. Our phones are simple to install yourself, just plug them into a spare socket on your Internet router and you're ready to go.

Take your office calls with you on your mobile

Never miss important calls because you're out and about. Dial 9 lets you forward calls to your mobile while you're out of the office, or use our Dial 9 Anywhere app to carry your office phone everywhere.

Know who's calling before you answer

It's great to know exactly what to expect when you answer the phone, so all Dial 9 phones include caller ID as standard. You can also use a personalized phone book to convert those numbers to names.

Make quick internal calls to your colleagues anywhere

Whether your business spans one room or a whole continent, every phone has a short internal number allowing you to quickly reach whoever you need or put callers through to the right person.

Make sure every call gets answered

Make use of automated menus, call queues, and call forwarding to ensure every caller quickly gets through to the right person.

Speak to our fanatical UK based support team

We know that if you're having a problem with your service, you want to speak to someone who really cares and will be with you until the problem is resolved. Our passionate UK based support team are always there to help and if you're not happy, we're not happy.

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