Legal & policies

Here you will find all our legal documents & policies which affect how you use our services.

Nuisance calls

Dial 9 is dedicated to protecting its customers and takes nuisance calling seriously. We understand that it can not only be frustrating and disruptive for some, but can also be upsetting and stressful for others.

Threats / Harassment

If you feel you are receiving calls that are threatening or harassing, you should report them to your local police force, using the non-emergency number - 101.

​Unsolicited / Telemarketing Calls

In the first instance, we advise you to contact the organisation that is calling you and tell them you do not want to receive calls from them. The company or organisation concerned should respect this choice and refrain from calling you again.

​Escalating a Complaint

If you wish to escalate a complaint further, you can contact OFCOM who offer help and advice on what to do about nuisance calls. If you wish to report an organisation or company, you will also find contact information on the website.

​Telephone Preference Service

If you do not wish to received unsolicited / marketing calls at all, you can register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). Once registered with this register you should no longer receive calls of this nature. If you are still receiving unsolicited calls, you can report the issue to the CTS who may inform the Information Commissioners Office. The ICO has the power to fine any organisation found to be breaching this regulation.

​Reporting a nuisance call

Your peace of mind is important to us, so if you believe you are receiving nuisance calls from a number within Dial 9’s number range, please inform us as soon as possible using the details below.

CLI Presentation

Dial 9 only permits its customers to use one of their own, valid CLIs for all outbound calls. This number should also be able to receive incoming calls.